Greenbin Zero Waste - Recycling Unit

with Six Compartments

Recycling Unit Recycling Unit Recycling Unit
  • Material

    Stainless Steel

    Electrostatic Painted Steel

  • Measure

    W140x D35x H90 cm

  • Capacity

    350 Lt

  • Accessory

    Wheels with brakes

  • Use

    Six compartment recycle unit. Bag hanging system that uses standard bags. Waste receptacles. Metal inner box for battery compartment.

  • Green Information

    Product is made of materials that can be %100 recycled. Environmentally friendly, Eco-design product with minimal waste.

  • Space quality is characterized by hot it is defined.
  • Greenbin offers timeless design and unique product experience with the design concept by combining functionality and quality components with the high technology.