Greenbin Mono Large - Waste Bin

with One Compartment

litter bin litter bin litter bin litter bin litter bin
  • Material

    Stainless Steel

    Electrostatic Painted Steel

  • Measure

    W40x D35x H90 cm

  • Capacity

    90 Lt

  • Accessory

    Wheels with brakes or Hidden wheels

    Lockable back door

  • Use

    One compartment large size waste bin. Bag hanger system that is used with standard bags, Lid option for waste compartment.

  • Green Information

    Product is made of materials that can be %100 recycled. Environmentally friendly, Eco-design product with minimal waste.

  • Greenbin offers timeless design and unique product experience with the design concept by combining functionality and quality components with the high technology.


waste bin, Waste Receptacle, litter bin for waste sorting

Greenbin Duo Large - Waste Bin

with Two Compartment